Guardian Automatic Standby Generators


Today's house is larger and has more power-consuming devices than ever before. Generac’s engineers answered the need for more backup power with a new GUARDIAN lineup that has the most powerful generators, best-in-class power quality and the broadest range to fit any size home.

Guardian Air-Cooled

Guardian® home standby generators automatically supply electricity to pre-selected circuits during a utility power outage. Their pre-packaged, pre-wired systems make installation fast, easy and so affordable, you'll wonder why you didn't buy one sooner! And with Guardian, the kilowatt ratings listed are the kilowatt ratings you get. Unlike other companies who only cover a percentage of the standby loads, Guardian covers the entire load, for the full duration of the power outage.

Guardian Elite™ Liquid-Cooled

Just because your home requires more power doesn't mean you have to pay a whole lot more. Generac Power Systems has taken all of the leading-edge technologies from our industrial product line and applied them to our GUARDIAN Elite liquid-cooled products. Models range from 25-60 kW and cost thousands of dollars less than competitors' units. They also feature automotive style, liquid-cooled engines and our exclusive Whisper-Test feature. You won't find more affordable products with this kind of power.

Guardian QuietSource™ Liquid-Cooled

GUARDIAN QuietSource generators are ideal for applications that require ultra-quiet operation and exceptional fuel economy. With larger and more powerful liquid-cooled engines that run at 1800 RPM under full load and our exclusive Whisper-Test feature, QuietSource generators are the quietest in the industry. In addition, these larger engines achieve greater power output with less effort, resulting in significantly reduced fuel consumption both during exercise and under full load.

QuietSource models also come standard with all aluminum enclosures for superior protection against salt air and other corrosive environments. Aluminum enclosures, combined with Guardian's superior paint system, keep QuietSource generators looking like new for years... even in coastal areas.