Passive Solar Water Heating System

  • Passive design, requires no pumps or controllers
  • Available in two system configurations
    • RS47-21BP, 47 gallon storage capacity
    • RS80-42BP, 80 gallon storage capacity
  • Complete system includes tank, collector(s), installation kit and heat transfer fluid
  • Closed loop, indirect heat exchange
  • Can be used in stand alone or preheat applications
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Magnesium alloy anode rod for prolonged tank life
  • Rugged steel tank with vitreous enamel tank lining
  • Immersion, copper sheath backup element
  • Black polyester powder coat collector absorber surface
  • 35 multi flow risers for faster heat transfer
  • Propylene glycol heat transfer fluid and antifreeze protection

Product Brochures and Data Sheets

Rheem Solaraide Systems


Made by Rheem Australia Pty Ltd for Rheem USA, Rheem Solaraide passive solar water heating systems are available in two configurations.

They use no pumps or controllers. Their “closed loop” design utilizes a freeze proof heat transfer fluid that absorbs heat and allows the system to operate in climates that experience moderate freezing conditions.

The Rheem Solaraide systems make use of two naturally occurring phenomena for their operation…black objects absorb heat and hot water rises. It’s a simple system, where the only moving part is water.

As the sun warms the solar collector, the heat transfer fluid becomes hotter, expands, becomes lighter and rises in the collectors and into a heat exchanger that entirely surrounds the storage tank. As the heat transfer fluid passes through the heat exchanger, heat is transferred to the stored water. The colder, now heavier heat transfer fluid is then drawn to the bottom of the collector, and the process begins again.This process is called the thermosiphon effect. The greater the difference in temperature between the water in the tank and the fluid in the collectors, the faster the flow between them.