SunWize Grid-Tie System Features

  • Preassembled racks and enclosures
  • Solar modules are fully encapsulated to resist harsh weather conditions
  • Prewired modules and batteries
  • Quality components assure long system life
  • Complete systems reduce specifying and buying time
  • Factory testing for quality assurance
  • Complete installation, operation and maintenance documentation



SunWize designs and manufactures complete, engineered grid-tie solar systems for residential and commercial applications. The SunWize® Grid-Tie Systems are complete, pre-engineered solar electric systems packaged as a kit and delivered directly to the job-site using a single part number

SunWize Grid-Tie Systems

SunWize Grid-Tie Systems are highly engineered, standard designs, continually improved over the years, while the typical solar electric system is pieced together from available components. Grid-Tie Systems utilize the highest grade components and are packaged under strict quality controlled procedures in our facility in the United States. Systems are designed for a lifetime of 40+ years and solar modules typically come with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. SunWize Grid-Tie have a long track record of reliable, proven performance in the field. The same system that goes on your roof has been successfully installed and operating on hundreds of homes across America. There are over 300 system configurations available. They come in different sizes and with different components, depending on your requirements, and can be adapted for all roof types. Rest assured there’s one that’s just right for you. Multiple systems can be installed for higher power output and systems may also be expanded in the future as budget or electrical requirements grow. Many SunWize Grid-Tie Systems are certified by the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) for high quality, reliable and safe operation compliant to the NEC. The FSEC certificate is useful for permitting and the field inspections of installed systems.

Reducing Your Electric Bill

A SunWize Grid-tie System operates quietly and seamlessly in the background of your home’s electrical system. Day in and day out, it will steadfastly produce power while you go about your life. Think of it as a durable, dependable appliance that will tirelessly serve you for decades.