Sharp Solar Module Features

  • Our advanced surface texture increases light absorption and efficiency.
  • Black anodized aluminum frame and textured glass
  • Water white, tempered glass, EVA laminate, and a weatherproof film provide long-life and enhanced cell performance.
  • 25-year limited warranty on power output.

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Sharp Solar Power

Solar Modules

Designed and engineered for use with Sharp’s OnEnergy solar racking system, residential modules are the perfect combination of technology and design. The black frame module installed in the low-profile racking with hidden hardware and tapered covers, deliver a clean, elegant appearance that blends beautifully with a home’s design.

OnEnergy™ Roof-Mounted Solar Electric Systems

Most residential solar modules are installed on your roof. These systems include a rack with solar modules that attach to it. The OnEnergy™ system is Sharp's custom solution that's designed to meet your electricity requirements and the specifications of your roof.

The OnEnergy system replaces the bulky look of traditional roof mounts with a unique, low-profile rack designed to blend beautifully with a home's roofline.

Specialty Solar

Building-Integrated Solar Electric Systems

Designed to blend seamlessly with flat-concrete tile roofs, building-integrated modules resemble tile shingles. By integrating solar electricity with today's architecture, your solar electric system can become nearly invisible.

Ground-Mounted Solar Electric Systems

Ground mounts feature angled modules on steel supports anchored in concrete footings. These systems are ideal for large arrays on estate properties.