Kaneka See-Through PV Module



Environmental pollution and energy shortages are now of global concern. More interest is focusing on photovoltaic (PV) power generation, which can use an unlimited source of clean energy - the sun. Kaneka began researching thin film silicon PV modules at an early stage, allowing them to assume a leading position in the industry over the past 20 years.

Amorphous-Si PV Modules

Superior Performance Under High Temperatures

Crystalline-Si PV modules lose some power-generating capability with rises in temperatures. But Amorphous-Si PV modules generate higher power during summer time. Amorphous-Si PV modules can deliver maximum performance during summer when the electricity is needed most for air-conditioners in houses and offices.

Shorter Energy Payback Time (EPT)

EPT is the time a PV module to "pay back" the energy used in its manufacture by its own power generation. The EPT of Amorphous-Si PV is 1.6 years, which is approximately 6 months shorter than that of crystalline silicon PV (2.2 years). EPT is one of the most important aspects when evaluating the ecological benefit of PV systems.

See Through PV Modules

Kaneka's unique laser technique allows PV module to have 10% transmissivity. Offering both environmentally friendly performance and compelling design, Kaneka See-Through PV modules open new possibilities in construction projects. Whether your needs are in power generation or natural lighting, welcome to the new world of Kaneka See-Through PV modules for wide-surface illumination.